VGC-PRO Duo Subscription SEASONAL


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PRO level coaching for 2 goalies!

Save over 60% off regular price!!

28 video analyses per year+2 FREE (limit of 5 per month)!

Game or practice footage both work great. Once you upload your video clips+notes with the Video Upload button we will dissect it and share your finished analysis within 5 business days to your dedicated password-protected My Profile!

Included with this package:

[Rapid Advance Technique $210CAD/season]
[Goalie Drill Vault $210CAD/season value]
Off Ice Vault $140CAD/season value]
Headline Stream $70CAD/season value]
PRO Goalie Yoga $140CAD/season]
PRO Motivate $70/season value]
[PRO Equipment Guide $70/season value]

That is $2560 of value for $980CAD!!

*All uploads must be of the two subscribed goalies